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The famous Steven Spielberg film Schindler's List focused attention on people like Oscar Schindler, who - at great risk to themselves and their families - helped .
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Is G-d responsible? How can His actions or inaction be defended? Should they be defended? Responsa From the Holocaust.

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How the Science of Racism Led to the Holocaust. Can the world survive on ethics devised by human reason? Well, we tried. Belief After the Holocaust. Is the Holocaust Explicable? G-d created the rules of nature and logic. Could He not have created a world in which peace, harmony and light can be fully appreciated even when not preceded by pain and suffering?

Tell the kapos that your daughter is among the captured. This is an unwritten law among us -- no snatching of policemen's children". Ani Ma'amin. Reb Azriel David opened his eyes to the sight of the singing train. In a choked voice, he cried: "I will give half of my portion in the World to Come to whoever can take my song to the Modzitzer Rebbe!

Two Candles for Sammy. I first heard of Sammy Rosenbaum in , when a Mrs. Rawicz from Rabka came into my office in Vienna to testify at a War Crimes trial.


The Other Side of the Prayerbook. At first, I was awed by his courage. Slowly the shelter came to life. My mother got up and prepared breakfast—a few crackers with some jam we still had left. But neither my two sisters nor my mother touched the food. Why should she die, the innocent babe?

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I will care for her as if she was my own. I never had children, you know. Give her to me. The soldier stared at the boy, fighting back tears. The Blanket. We were all looking away; we had not known that he was severely afflicted with Parkinson's disease. Then we heard this big bang on the table: "Gentlemen, look at me, and look at me right now.

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Who can tell me what the lesson of the Holocaust is? A Rebbe's Confession. The year was , just after the war. The place: a refugee camp somewhere in Germany. Jews just out of concentration camps had gathered in a barracks-turned-Synagogue for the Yom Kippur prayers. The Nazi Accomplice in the Circumcision. The woman seemed oblivious to my words. Before it is too late". It Should Again See Light.

My best friend was a girl of my age named Jeanette. One morning when I came to play, I saw her family being forced at gunpoint into a truck.

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I ran home and told my mother. The Survivor's Prayer. Over this one thing I implore You: That my cup of gratitude With a tear is laced. For the Sake of Tefillin. Though some 70 years have passed, bits of bone can still be found here. Today, after collecting bones that still remained scattered, we put them to rest, creating a sense of closure for at least some of those who deserved so much more respect than they received. This chilling view through the barbed wire of Majdanek left me speechless.

May the memory of all who perished during this dark period in our history be for a blessing. Over the course of our trip, I learned so much about what happened in Poland not so long ago. And yet, after being here, after walking in the footsteps of those who faced such awful tragedy, after seeing unthinkable things and hearing stories directly from a survivor of these death camps, there is absolutely no way that I can understand why all of this had to happen.

Robbed of their possessions, stripped of their clothes and their dignity, humiliated before being brutally and mercilessly murdered, often times reduced to ashes or thrown in mass graves — Jews had to endure such horror because of certain beliefs, a certain faith and love for kindness and goodness in humanity. There is no understanding why this happened to so many innocent people.

British Troops Enter Belsen (1945)

We live to tell the tale. And by not allowing the darkness to break their spirits or dilute their faith, our Jewish ancestors will forever instill me with a sense of pride and love for humanity. Your words and pictures continue to inspire me and move me beyond words. Thank you for sharing this incredibly personal tribute to those beautiful souls lost so senselessly years ago.

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  4. Well told Jeremy. Thank you for exposing the light that came out of this very dark time in human history. Thank-you for capturing your experience in your beautiful essay so that we could share in your experience. Jews were in Poland for one thousand years; they found refuge in Poland when they were expelled from most other kingdoms in Europe. Post-visit activities have been designed to provide additional information sources and suggestions for teacher-led exercises. Please write to Dr.

    Shulman for a free paper copy of this brochure. Teachers may request a class set at no cost. Mail your request to:. William L. As the population of Holocaust survivors ages, their needs are becoming more complex and more acute; more attention is also being drawn to the need to understand the impact of the Holocaust on the children of survivors and provide support to this group.

    The interest generated by the conference and the high level of participation attested to the importance and timeliness of the issues raised. The present collection of articles is the first in the Intervision series. Intervision constitutes an arena created to share with the wider community the specific therapeutic experience which has accumulated in the Jerusalem branch over the years.

    This first volume is the result of an exciting, stimulating group effort by the authors.

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    Alex Grobman wrote an insightful paper that investigates whether or not the Holocaust was a unique event. He compares the Holocaust to other horrific mass killings and assesses elements that are common or different in each of them. This paper can be an essential tool in studying and understanding the Holocaust. What Did They Know? Grobman presents the data showing when information about the Holocaust was printed in various newspapers e. He also addresses the issue of why many people did not believe those reports.

    If you have one or more essays or publications to submit for possible inclusion here, please send them to: Dr. Fackenheim Philosopher Emil L. George Halasz Dr. Shimon Samuels Dr. Select to view speech and video clip David Katz — A Holocaust Survivor David Katz provides a personal account of the Holocaust through his autobiography. Help support us by making a donation or a purchase through one of these sites.

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