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Animal testing has for a long time been a much debated moral issue. For many, this kind of testing has Discursive Essay. Essay by Smell, A-.
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It is a tool for participating in debates or negotiations.

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Animal testing essay writing should satisfy the requirements stated for persuasive essays. To write a persuasive essay , take five simple steps. The correct structure is important for custom essay writing. Your essay should be written the following way:.

This structure impacts on people like the rule of Socrates.

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The animal testing persuasive essay must contain logical argumentative sentences because its goal is to convince others of your opinion. Look through practical examples of pros and cons that you can use in a persuasive essay on animal experimentation of your own. You need to Log in or Sign up for a new account in order to. Please enter your email to proceed. Forgot password. For instance, the lives of ten million human diabetics have been saved because of experiments with insulin on dogs.

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Dogs also benefited, as the same drug can be used on them. In fact, a third of medicines used by vets are the same as those used by doctors. These tests do not show how the drugs work on whole animals and so they only have limited effectiveness.

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Alternative methods do work. Various groups have been set up to put money into other ways of researching.

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For example the Dr. Hadwen Trust has shown how human cartilage can be grown in test tubes to study rheumatism.

Similar research is being done into cancer and multiple sclerosis. Tests can be done on bacteria to see whether a chemical will cause cancer.

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There is even a programme of volunteer human researchers, where people suffering from illnesses offer to help in research. Which of the three basic approaches to a discursive essay does the writer take? To argue strongly for a given discussion topic. To argue strongly against a given discussion topic. To argue about a given discussion topic in a balanced way before coming to an opinion. What is the main idea the writer is arguing about?

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It is time to stop using animals for scientific experimentation. There is no alternative to the use of animals for scientific experimentation.

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The use of animals for scientific experimentation should be increased in future. Which of the following ways of opening the essay does the writer use? A provocative statement.

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  • A balanced statement. A quotation. To examine the two sides of the issue. To provide evidence for the argument that animal experimentation should cease. To provide evidence for the argument that animal experimentation should continue. To indicate that she is adding on another piece of evidence on the same side of the argument. To indicate that she is providing evidence on the other side of the argument. To indicate that she is drawing a conclusion. What do paragraphs six and seven contribute to the development of the argument?

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