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David Marr is a Guardian Australia journalist. . Plus essays from Alice Pung, a new Garry Disher thriller, a biography of Germaine Greer and short stories from a .
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Dark MoFo: Paul Collins & David Marr "Should The Church Be Saved?" - 2018

Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott have resumed battle for leadership of the nation. Here, in one volume, are their definitive portraits by Australias pre-eminent biographer and investigative journalist. Power Trip shows the making of Kevin Rudd, But who is he?

How did he rise to become Labor leader? And does he have what it takes to beat Malcolm Turnbull and lead the country? In this dramatic essay, David Marr traces the hidden career of The leading Catholic in the nation and spiritual adviser to Tony Abbott, Cardinal George Pell has played a key role in the greatest challenge to face his church for centuries: the scandal of child sex abuse by priests.

In The Prince, David Marr Tous les produits.

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Accueil - David Marr. Filtrer David Marr David Marr Format ePub Editeur Black Inc. Victoria Police has serious concerns regarding the terms of this inquiry process and its appearance as a de facto substitute for criminal justice. As noted on its website, the Melbourne Response has made a number of ex-gratia payments to victims. In spite of this, it has not referred a single complaint to Victoria Police.

This statement was incorrect.

David Marr's new book 'My Country' untangles the mysteries of Australia

Of the relevant upheld complaints that have been made to 30 June only two of which were made by complainants who were children at the time of their complaints :. And iv 4 [complaints] were made in respect of offenders whom the complainant could not identify.

Of the remaining 79 complaints: First, 76 complainants were encouraged by me to go to the Police and at least 25 of these complainants expressed some reluctance to do so. Second, there is no express encouragement to go to the Police located on the file of the remaining 3 complainants. However, one complainant was provided with the Melbourne Response brochure which contained an encouragement to go to the Police; one complainant had their complaint accepted without the need for a hearing; and one complainant made a complaint that was unlikely to constitute criminal assault.

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When young Father George Pell moved his things into the presbytery in , that corner of Ballarat was one of the most dangerous places in Australia for children. Already living in the presbytery was Father Gerald Ridsdale, chaplain at the little primary school standing on the other side of the church. He was raping the children. All four members of the staff, all Christian Brothers, were abusing the children in the school.

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They would not be exposed for twenty years. George Pell, back from his studies in Rome and Oxford, noticed nothing.

David Marr was not aware at the time of writing The Prince that fellow journalist Paul Bongiorno when a priest of the Ballarat diocese also once shared accommodation with Ridsdale in Warrnambool. Mr Bongiorno made the following point:.

Setting Australia’s LGBTI agenda since 1979

Paul Bongiorno: … I grew up in Ballarat. And I was inspired by what I heard and by the lives of men — both priests and brothers — by the ideals and the values that they had in terms of social justice and human welfare and well-being and belief in God, to go off and become a Catholic priest… I know Gerald Ridsdale. I lived in a presbytery with him in Warrnambool. Let me tell you this Fran, I had no idea what he was up to. It was certainly hidden from me….

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It seems that, once again, Marr has one standard for Pell — and another for Bongiorno and others. Economics and events matter in politics, but so does character.

Not having your papers is a blessing. Of course, when it matters you dig through them all over again to help. That means a long drive to Canberra and the always slightly embarrassing request for a box of your own notes. Three good new biographies. The old books that matter can always be ordered in or read online.

Bookshops should be where we find the new.

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