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Examples of activities that have been supported by Recruitment Grants include: Travel to recruitment fairs, professional conferences, or to institutions that have the potential to serve as pipelines for graduate students Travel costs to bringing prospective students to the USU campus Development of recruiting materials e.

Reporting Departments that receive a Graduate Recruitment Grant must submit a final report on their recruitment activities before they are eligible to receive a new award. Review Process SGS staff will review applications, consulting with the deans or department heads when necessary, and provide a response within two weeks. Deadlines Requests will be reviewed and grants made until the annual fund has been depleted. Supervisors are also expected to provide timely feedback and editing of student work e.

Because the relationship between Student and Supervisor is foundational to effective research-based graduate programs, neither party can dissolve the relationship without prior consultation with the SGS. Potential concerns or conflicts that might arise must be addressed immediately and constructively, and include consultation with and guidance from the Director of Graduate Studies and the SGS.

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The report must be signed by the student, the supervisor s , and the Director of Graduate Studies in the GAU and be submitted to the SGS by the appropriate deadline each year. Failure to submit a Progress Report and thereby demonstrate good academic standing, may prompt withdrawal from the program.

In addition to full time enrolment, some GAUs have a local residence requirement — that is, a minimum time when the student must be physically present on campus. Students should consult their GAU regarding such residency requirements. To qualify for full-time registration, students in thesis-based graduate programs should be engaged primarily in research and coursework associated with their program and may be engaged in paid employment on average no more than 10 hours per week.

For this purpose, term courses of 0 — 5 credit hours count as one course, while term courses of 6 — 11 credit hours are considered equivalent to two courses. Master's Degree Part-Time It is recognized that, in some circumstances, the work for a graduate degree can be completed on a part-time basis. In such cases, a variety of additional conditions may need to be satisfied, beyond the completion of coursework and thesis requirements.

Students must consult with the Director of Graduate Studies in their GAU for additional regulations governing part-time study. Note: Part-time students may not register for more than two courses per term. Some positions in Asia and Germany are available to graduate students. Globalizing Eurasia Grant for multi-country summer research in two or more countries in Russia, Central and East Europe, the Caucasus, or Central Asia or in this region and another.

Projects might involve, for example, travel in Russia and China, the Caucasus and Turkey, or some other combination of countries. The Europe Center, with support of the Stanford Club of Germany, is sponsoring summer graduate internships and research visits with German companies and research institutes.

Summer Human Rights Fellowship for students focusing on a specific issue in the field of human rights or international justice.

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Priority will be given to those minoring in Iranian Studies. Current Stanford graduate students specializing in Jewish Studies are eligible for several forms of supplementary financial support, plus opportunities for additional funding for language, research, or conferences. Funds are limited and granted on a first-come, first-served basis. The Korean Studies Program Prize for Writing in Korean recognizes outstanding examples of writing in an essay, term paper, or thesis produced during the current academic year in any discipline within the area of Korean Studies.

The Center for Latin American Studies invites proposals for Stanford graduate students to attend and present on topics related to Latin America at academic conferences. Graduate student-led research in Latin America. In alternate years, the award will be given to an undergraduate student who shows excellence and commitment to studying French.


Students may also request funds in order to present a research paper at an appropriate conference. All research proposals must be for research that will be carried out in South Asia. Intensive language fellowship open to all Stanford doctoral students in humanities and sciences, graduate students in Stanford's Schools of Business, Education, Engineering, Law, Earth Sciences, Medicine, and undergraduate students.

SRC is designed to foster close intellectual exchange by engaging students in research with a faculty member on a new or ongoing research project.

The Office of Undergraduate Advising and Research UAR sponsors several types of grants designed to support rigorous, independent undergraduate research in all disciplines. The Europe Center is sponsoring undergraduate internships with leading Belgium-based European transnational organizations in the summer.

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Global Studies. Search form Search. Funding For Students. Abbasi program student grants Proposals are invited from continuing undergraduate, co-term students and graduate students for projects pertaining to the study of Islam and Muslim societies. Stanford Other Award, Research Undergraduate Students May East Asian studies conference travel grant These ad hoc grants support Stanford graduate students presenting East-Asia related papers at major academic or professional conferences.

Stanford Academic Year Fellowship Graduate Students May East Asian studies fellowship for study of women in Asia Competitive fellowship for the Study of Women in Asia provides stipend plus three quarters TGR tuition for one academic year, to support dissertation research or write-up on topics related to women in Asia.

Europe Internship, Research Graduate Students April France-Stanford graduate student research fellowships Visiting Graduate Student Researcher Fellowships available to 1 French students interested in research at Stanford, and 2 to Stanford students interested in research or an internship at a French institution. Europe, Stanford Research Graduate Students March Global Perspectives Award Funding through the Global Perspectives Awards supports short-term research abroad, language training, or paper presentations at appropriate conferences.

Community service internships in the U.

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Stanford Essay Undergraduate Students May Latin American studies conference travel grants The Center for Latin American Studies invites proposals for Stanford graduate students to attend and present on topics related to Latin America at academic conferences. Stanford Research, Summer Fellowship Undergraduate Students January Supplementary grants for undergraduate fieldwork in East Asia The Office of Undergraduate Advising and Research UAR sponsors several types of grants designed to support rigorous, independent undergraduate research in all disciplines.